How To Use kraft•tex

Get inspired by Celia Buchanan‘s fun video showing some of the fun projects you can create with kraft•tex!

What projects would you like to make using kraft•tex?

KRAFTTEX from Celia Buchanan on Vimeo.

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Just A Little Bit Crazy!

What’s there to blog about when the book title says it all? Quilting…Just a Little Bit Crazy is exactly that – it combines traditional quilting and crazy quilting. Traditional quilters can try some new techniques to make their traditional quilts just a bit crazy and the crazy quilt fans can try it out and make their crazy quilts a bit more traditional.

Valerie Bothell's Oriental Garden

Valerie Bothell’s Oriental Garden

Our veteran author Allie Aller (with her runaway best seller Allie Aller’s Crazy Quilting) is has partnered with friend and fellow crazy-quilting teacher Valerie Bothell in this exciting book. Not only is the book a marriage of traditional and crazy quilting, it also features very different styles of crazy quilting elements. Val is known for her classical, feminine Victorian crazy quilting, while Allie goes “off road” and maps out new ways to go with her style, especially with her distinctive sense of color.

Allie Aller's Crazy for Plaid

Allie Aller’s Crazy for Plaid

All quilters—crazy and sane alike—will find some new techniques here to try and to love.

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Spring Fling Sale!


Don’t miss our Spring Fling sale! 

Save up to 75% off your favorite C&T books March 21-24th, this weekend ONLY!

*Sale ends on March 24th at 7:30am PST

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TAP Into Creativity With Lesley Riley

Lesley has done it again—gathered together a talented group of fellow artists to create interesting and innovative products using Lesley’s Transfer Artist Paper (TAP). From encaustic to paper to fabric, there are all sorts of ideas for using the oh-so-versatile TAP.

desklampLesley’s map desk lamp uses a pre-made lamp (Paper Fusion Creative Lamp Kit, available at art supply stores) and TAPs her image onto Lutradur. What a perfect combination—the Lutradur is translucent allowing the light through and the TAP allows you to use any image you like.



Lesley’s collaboration with Paula Bogdan resulted in the charming Recipes for a Happy Life. Lesley created the box with TAPped lettering. Paula created the recipe cards by TAPping images and sayings onto index cards that had been prepped with paint, inks, stamps, and more. Additional color was added on top of the TAP.



With On the Farm—A Shabby Chic Tiled Painting, Lesley uses readily available 4˝ x 4˝ canvas panels to make a piece that is larger than a sheet of TAP. Using photo-editing software, you break up your images, print them on TAP, and transfer each square to a canvas board. Using this technique, you could easily make large pieces using just your home printer!



I also love the encaustic by Laura LaRue, Be Careful Where You Tread. The book explains exactly how to use the TAP with encaustic—what a great combination.

 In addition to the projects with step-by-step instructions, Lesley provides a gallery with even more ideas.

What are you waiting for, get TAPping!

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Exciting Enhanced ePub From Alex Anderson … And A Great Giveaway!

I had to smile when Victoria P. left this comment on my recent post about learning to quilt using Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, 3rd Edition:


Victoria P. had no idea how right she was … I can now reveal Alex HAS done it again, introducing sewists to quilting with a new product our readers are sure to love.

IMG_0205 Introducing C&T’s first enhanced eBook: Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, 3rd Ed. (Enhanced Edition)!

An enhanced eBook is not just your run-of-the-mill eBook. Oh no. It’s loaded with video demonstrations and hints that make learning to quilt easier than ever. Innovation is part of C&T’s mission statement, and what better way to innovate than to improve the beginning quilting experience by combining the best of print and video media? It’s as if Alex Anderson is giving you a personal quilting lesson, reaching out through your tablet or smart phone to give you a helping hand.

IMG_0207I consider myself lucky to be one of the many new quilters that Alex “ushered … into the fold” and hopefully many more new quilters will join that fold thanks to this enhanced eBook.

IMG_0206You can download the enhanced eBook through either Amazon or iTunes.


We also have a free iTunes promo code to give away to one lucky quilter (or quilter to be)!* Leave a comment below telling us either a story about when you were learning to quilt or your best advice for all the new quilters out there. Please enter your comment by March 28th, 2014!

* Please note that you will need an iTunes account to claim your prize should you be the lucky winner.

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