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  • Adrianne C&T Staff

    Internet Administrator, Permissions Manager, Executive Assistant to the Publisher Adrianne has worked at C&T since 1996 and is a "chick of all trades" in the office. She's an avid fan of all types of motor sports (favorite driver: Tony Stewart - "Go Smoke!"), plays bocce in two leagues, and enjoys champagne and hoppy IPAs. She has made flailing attempts at various crafts in an effort to find her creative outlet, but has yet to meet her muse.

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  • Alethea Ballard

    I fell in love with sewing at the age of ten and I've been making quilts ever since. My "maverick" style combines my impatience with convention, my spontaneity, and also my artistic sensibility.

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  • Alyice Edrich

    Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer and mixed media artist. Check out her personal art blog, AlyiceEdrich.com, for more artsy inspiration...or stop by her eMagazine, TheDabblingMum.com, for articles on parenting, writing, art, and small business.

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  • Amy Marson, Publisher C&T Staff

    I am a serial crafter. I sew, embroider, quilt and bead, who knows what next. I am an avid gardener, succulents are my latest passion. I have been at C&T Publishing for about 13 years and have been the publisher for 10+ years. And I now consider myself a proficient quilter.

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  • Barbara Brackman

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  • Becky Goldsmith

    Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins make a dynamic quilting duo and love to teach other quilters the joys of appliqué. In the fall of 2002, Becky and Linda joined the C&T Publishing family, where they continue to produce wonderful books and patterns. Visit the Piece O' Cake website to find out more about Becky, Linda, and Piece O' Cake designs.

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    Carolyn Aune, Technical Editor

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  • Casey Dukes Friend of C&T

    Casey began working for C&T as a production assistant and shortly after became a production coordinator. She has since moved to Southern California, but continues to do freelance work with C&T. One of her favorite projects was being a hat model for Hat Shop!

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  • Christin Gomez C&T Staff

    Mom of two crazy, fun loving munchkins. Love getting to play with art stuff when I have a free moment and little hands not getting into it! I enjoy making jewelry, handmade cards, sewing a little, and baking/cooking! I enjoy traveling and sailing and being with family and friends when I can!

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  • Christina Carty-Francis

    Christina is an in-house photographer at C&T. View her personal portfolio at www.christinacarty.com.

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  • Christine Mann

    I'm a writer and quilter who just loves fabric and all colorful forms of creativity.

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  • Claudia Clark Myers

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  • Cynthia Bix

    I'm a book editor and author of many nonfiction books for children and adults. I love to make quilts and anything that gives me an excuse to buy bits of all the beautiful fabrics I can't resist! Being a C&T editor is such fun, because I get to mingle with so many talented people and to see so much great textile work!

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  • Diane Pedersen

    As the company's first full time employee, I have been at C&T for 20 years—always challenging, never boring! When I'm not working, I'm ballroom dancing or cheering for the A's or Raiders with my longtime Sweetie.

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  • Gailen Runge

    Gailen Runge, Creative Director I have been both quilting and editing since 1991. In publishing I specialized in magazine startups, and in quilting I operated my own custom-quilt business before coming to C&T in 2002. A true serial-crafter, I will try any and every craft at least once. With two small children at home, quilting sometimes takes a back seat to other (less time-consuming) soft crafts, such as sewing kids' clothing and knitting.

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  • Jessica Jenkins C&T Staff

    I am a Marketing Designer at C&T, and I love being surrounded by creativity on a daily basis.

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  • Jette Nørregaard Nielsen

    Jette Nørregaard Nielsen is an internationally known professional who has worked with fabric, design, forms, and patterns as a psychologist and a textile artist for more than 30 years. Jette is Danish and lives in Vänersborg, Sweden. She is the author of Feathered Friends.

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  • Kerry Graham

    I am a full time graphic designer at C&T and a full time mom to our 3 children (Alivia 9, Hudson 5, and Trenton 2) at our home in Concord, CA. My kids and I have lots of fun doing crafts together. I love to see where their creativity takes them. Kids have the most amazing imaginations and always surprise me with the things they come up with. I am also one of the (mom) art teachers at the kids' school.

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  • Kristy Zacharias C&T Staff

    I am the Design Manager at C&T Publishing. I work with inspiring people and beautiful products every day. I love my job.

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  • Laura West Kong

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  • Lisa Fulmer C&T Staff

    I'm an artist, a crafter, a teacher...and I'm the Communications Manager at C&T Publishing. I love all things creative!

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  • Liz Aneloski, Editor

    I am a developmental editor, author, and designer at C&T Publishing. I'm interested in just about anything that involves fabric. I love to be challenged creatively.

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  • Lorraine Olsen

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  • Lura Schwarz Smith

    Lura Schwarz Smith has been creating art quilts for over thirty years. One of her quilts was included in the 100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century. Lura and her husband Kerby teach digital quilt classes and produce art quilts using digital imagery. Visit Lura and Kerby at their website www.thedigitalquilt.com

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  • Lynn Koolish

    I'm a fiberartist, author, and teacher, as well as a Developmental Editor for C&T Publishing. I've written two books—Fast, Fun & Easy® Fabric Dyeing and Fast, Fun & Easy® Creative Fabric Clocks, co-written two books on inkjet printing on fabric—More Photo Fun and Innovative Fabric Imagery, and am featured in a DVD—Lynn Koolish Teaches You Printing on Fabric. I work in a variety of styles and love to explore new techniques. For more information, visit my website at www.lynnkoolish.com.

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  • Lynn Merrill

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  • Mary Wruck

    I started at C&T Publishing in 2006 as a Freelance Editor for the book, "Board Book Play." This started my love of 'Blank' products and shortly after this book was completed, I came on board part-time as Product Development Manager. Now, as Business Development Manager, I still handle the development of all the new ancillary (non-book) products as well as special sales and new business growth opportunities.

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  • Megan Scott C&T Staff

    <b Megan Scott, Publicity Manager

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  • Nancy Murty

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  • Nanette Zeller

    Nanette S. Zeller is a mixed media textile artist from Southern Pines, NC. She works a free-lance technical editor for C&T Publishing and teaches near her home. Her style is a life-long culmination of creative adventure and exploration with a color pallet deeply influence by her love and study of nature. Her blog, www.NanetteSayZ.com, is an online journal of your creative journey.

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  • Nissa Brehmer C&T Staff

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  • S. Michele Fry

    I'm an avid reader of paranormal romance and a creative fiction and nonfiction writer. I enjoy traveling and must figure out how to do more of it! I'm approaching my year anniversary at C&T as a Production Editor, and I must say it's been a lot of fun! It's great to be around so many talented, crafty people. I've been encouraged to get back into quilting and inspired to try some new things! And I love that that is what we do here -- encourage and inspire people to create.

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  • Susan Brubaker Knapp

    Susan Brubaker Knapp is a fiber artist, quilt designer and quilting teacher from Charlotte, NC. Her patterns are marketed under the name Blue Moon River. Susan’s first book, Appliqué Petal Party: A bouquet of 16 blocks & flowering border, will be published by C&T in October 2009.

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  • Susan Nelsen

    Susan owns and operates Rasmatazz Designs in Idaho Fall, Idaho. She is a freelance editor with C&T Publishing.

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  • Susan Schrempf

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  • Susanne Woods Friend of C&T

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  • Teresa Stroin C&T Staff

    Quilting is my main crafting passion. Over the years I've dabbled in a little bit of everything; from crewelwork to decoupage to beading. I was a freelance Technical Editor for C&T for 5 years before being hired "in-house." Currently, I'm also the Managing Editor.

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  • The Tech Editors C&T Staff

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  • Todd Hensley C&T Staff

    Todd is the CEO of C&T Publishing. His parents, Carolie and Tom, founded the company back in 1983. Over the years Todd has performed just about every job at C&T. He's had the unique opportunity to work with many innovative and inspiring authors during this time. C&T's success comes from the teamwork that is nurtured between our amazing authors and our talented and creative staff.

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  • Tristan Gallagher C&T Staff

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  • Wendy Hill C&T Author

    Wendy follows her ideas wherever they may take her, from a reversible chicken/egg doll (Housewife Hen/Rietta on the Town) to thread-web quilts to bed quilts and more. In the past few years Wendy has gotten carried away (okay, obsessed) with Tyvec, circle patterns, zippers and new variations of log cabin blocks. The abundance of products and information can be overwhelming. Wendy reminds us that it's easy to make a quilt- it just takes a lifetime to play with our imagination and learn from experience. Wendy's work has been in print in some form since 1992. She has contributed projects to several books and authored magazine articles and four books (On the Surface: Thread Embellishment & Fabric Manipulation (1997), Two-for-One Foundation Piecing: Reversible Quilts and More (2001), and Fast, Fun & Easy® Incredible Thread-A-Bowls (2005), Easy Bias Covered Curves, Create Quilts with WOW Appeal (2006) with C&T Publishing). Visit Wendy on the web at www.wendyhill.net

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  • Zinnia Heinzmann C&T Staff

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  • january

    All-in-One Quilter's Reference Tool, Updated Second Edition by Harriet Hargrave, Sharyn Craig, Alex Anderson, and Liz Aneloski for C&T Publishing
  • Backyard Birds by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins for C&T Publishing
  • January – Stash Books

    Quilt Lab--The Creative Side of Science by Alexandra Winston for Stash Books
  • me & my sewing adventure - an intermediate guide by Kate Haxell for Stash Books
  • january – stash products

    fast2clean Brave & Bold Mini Microfiber Static-Cling Cleaners
  • February

    Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures by Wendy Williams for C&T Publishing
  • February – Stash Books

    Adding Layers--Color, Design & Imagination by Kathy Doughty for Stash Books
  • Essential Sewing Reference Tool by Caria Hegeman Crim for Stash Books
  • February – Pattern Pack

    MODKID™ Summer Fun by Patty Young for Stash Books
  • February – products

    Kraft-tex Black
  • Kraft-tex White - Kraft Paper Fabric from C&T Publishing
  • march

    American Homestead Quilts by Ellen Murphy for C&T Publishing
  • Fresh Family Traditions by Sherri McConnell for C&T Publishing
  • March – products

    Spunbond for C&T Publishing
  • Essential Applique Pins from Piece O' Cake Designs for C&T Publishing
  • March – Stash Books

    Playful Petals by Corey Yoder for Stash Books
  • At Home with Modern June by Kelly McCants for Stash Books
  • March – Stash Books Products

    Posey Patch - Eco Tote by Corey Yoder for Stash Books
  • March – FunStitch Studio

    We Love to Sew--Bedrooms by Annabel Wrigley for FunStitch Studio
  • April

    Quilting... Just a Little Bit Crazy by Allie Aller and Valerie Bothell for C&T Publishing
  • Bargello--Quilts in Motion by Ruth Ann Berry
  • April – Stash Books

    The Better Bag Maker by Nicole Mallalieu for Stash Books
  • Tenny Tiny Megagerie by Noriko Komurata for Stash Books
  • April – FunStitch Studio

    Sew in Style--Make Your Own Doll Clothes by Erin Henztel for FunStitch Studio
  • May – Stash Books

    Free-Motion Quilting Workbook by Angela Walters for Stash Books
  • Stitch 'n Swap by Jake Finch for Stash Books
  • Make & Love Quilts by Mary Fons for Stash Books
  • Boutique Casual for Boys & Girls by Sue Kim for Stash Books
  • May – Stash Books Products

    Orbit Eco Tote designed by Jennifer Sampou for Stash Books
  • May – FunStitch Studio

    The Wonderful Colorful Wonder Wheel of Color by Lynn Koolish, Kerry Graham, and Mary Wruck for FunStitch Studio
  • June

    Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook by Leni Levenson Wiener for C&T Publishing
  • Emporia Rose Applique Quilts by Barbara Brackman and Karla Menaugh for C&T Publishing
  • June Stash Books

    Because I Love You Sew by Trish Preston for Stash Books
  • Little Fixes by Disney Powless for Stash Books
  • June Stash Books Products

    fast2cut HexEssentials Small Peepers by Kathy Doughty for Stash Books
  • fast2cut HexEssentials 1 1/2" Peepers by Kathy Doughty for Stash Books
  • fast2cut HexEssentials 2 1/2" Peepers by Kathy Doughty for Stash Books
  • June FunStitch Studio

    Sew It! by Allison Nicoll for FunStitch Studio