Co-Written by the duo: Gailen Runge and Roxane Cerda

Like the fabric, quilt, and sewing geeks we are, we are completely excited to spend five days at International Quilt Market this week. When we get home we’re always abuzz with what we saw and, more importantly, what we think we’ll see next.

Trend watching is a sport, trend spotting is a skill, and trend predicting (or trend creating) is an art. Of the two of us, one of us (Gailen) happily knows that the other (Roxane) is the artist. (See, we’re not afraid to name names here.) Gailen insists she’s the skilled support staff (that’s why she hired Roxane). Roxane insists Gailen is really the artist—you can see where this is headed.

Regardless of role, everyone who goes to market or follows along at the office gets involved in the lively trend discussions. Our social media guru challenged us to polish up the crystal ball and tell her what we think we’ll see this year.

Okay Allison, here are the things we think we’re going to run into (in no particular order). We’ll check back with you after market to see if we were right.

More text on fabric: Everyone fell in love with the Mama Said Sew fabric from Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics. This block uses Sweetwater’s Lucy’s Crab Shack line. We expect to see more type.

Sweet Water Mama Said Sew

Text in projects: Speaking of Sweetwater, the delightful trio created this wall hanging for their book, Sweetwater’s Simple Home. More please!

Sweetwater Simple Home from Stash Books

Color blocking: This has been all over fashion for a couple of seasons now. (Trickle down effect—fashion to home decor and quilting.) Check out the BACK of Jacquie Gering’s quilt from We Love Color. Oohhh!

Color Blocking We Love Color from Stash Books

Tribal/ikat/ethnic: Also pulling influence from fashion and home dec.

 Chevrons and triangles: We’re seeing this more in modern quilts and craft sewing. Roxane thinks some of the chevron inspiration is actually seeping over from current crochet design. Triangles, a staple in many traditional blocks, seem to be taking center stage in a lot of modern quilt designs.

Sutcliffe from Stash Books Triangle Trend

Appliqué in modern quilts: Yep, we said it. Can’t wait to see what everyone does!

Black and White: Publisher Amy adds this one to the list. Hmmmm… We agree and hope so!

Schaefer Black and White Trend

Here’s one final one from Gailen: She’s looking for the little lost trend that she saw start a couple of markets ago… Fabric reminiscent of Indian hand block bedspreads. It was definitely there (if subtle) last fall and then really sparse in Spring. Here’s an example. If anyone sees it, please let her know! She loves this little trend and wants it back.

And a note from Allison…

Thank you Gailen and Roxane – In my eyes you are equally brilliant no matter which of you is artier… And I can not wait until your return from Fall Quilt Market to see which of your trend spotting predictions/premonitions and hopes are realized!

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  1. Posted October 24, 2012 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    I hope they spot colour blocking and applique on modern quilts…both would be very fun!

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