Free project: Fabric scrapbook layout

IsabellaLayoutYesterday I was a guest demonstrator on two different all-day live webcasts, Creative Edventures and The Odd Show. Both webcasts were celebrating National Scrapbooking Day. At each show, I shared some techniques for using LutradurUltra-Light Lutradur, and fabrics in a scrapbook layout, with fast2fuse as the page’s foundation. The collage-style process is fun and easy – it’s just layering pieces together using fusibles.

This little girl is Isabella, the daughter of one of our sales reps, Tina. Isabella was one of the models in the new Stash Books release, Hat Shop, and this pose was from the photo shoot. The shimmery texture of the Lutradur treated with Iridescent Medium makes her look even more beautiful!

-  Two pieces fast2fuse® heavyweight (9″ x 11.5″ and 3″ x 3″)
-  One piece background fabric (9″ x 11.5″)
-  Two pieces Ultra-Light Lutradur® (varied sizes as desired)
-  Two pieces contrasting fabrics to frame photo (varied sizes as desired)
-  One sheet Lutradur® (8.5″ x 11″ –  70 or 100 gram)
-  Liquitex® Iridescent Medium
-  Angelina fibers in coordinating colors
-  BoNash 007 fusing powder
-  Wonder-Web
-  Make It Simpler® Fusible Interfacing
-  Silicone Release Paper
-  Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue
-  Foam adhesive squares
-  Decorative flower and coordinating buttons
-  Iron and inkjet printer
-  Rotary blade and cutting mat, small scissors

1.  To pre-treat Lutradur for inkjet printing, brush a thin, even coat of Iridescent Medium on one side. After it’s dry, insert the sheet into your inkjet printer and print out your image on the treated side. Trim photo to size (photo shown is 3.25″ square).

2.  Center and fuse small piece of fast2fuse to the back of the Lutradur photo, so the image pops against an opaque white background (use Silicone Release Paper underneath to protect your ironing board). Set aside.

3.  Center and fuse background fabric to fast2fuse (use Silicone Release Paper underneath to product your ironing board), then trim page to 8.5″ x 11″ with rotary cutter. Follow directions inside the fast2fuse package.

4.  For extra sparkle in your layout, use pieces of Ultra-Light Lutradur to trap Angelina fibers. Sprinkle BoNash powder liberally on top of background page, in the area you want to trap, within your desired size of Ultra-Light Lutradur. Lay fibers on top of the powder. Use your finger to brush excess powder inside desired area, and place your trimmed piece of Ultra-Light Lutradur on top. Hold it in place and trim away any stray fibers poking out (if you click on the picture to zoom in, you’ll see where I wasn’t very careful about my stray powder and fibers!). Place a sheet of Silicone Release Paper on top, then press with a dry iron on high heat for 5-10 seconds. Press a bit longer if needed to adequately melt the fibers and secure the Ultra-Light Lutradur in place.

5.  To finish the edges of your small fabric pieces for framing your photo, fold back and finger-press the edges about 1/4″ all the way around. Trim the corners of your “hem” edges at an angle to remove bulk. Fuse each hem on the back with strips of Make It Simpler Fusible Interfacing. Fuse each fabric frame and the photo in place, one layer at a time, with small pieces of Wonder-Web.

6. Stack three graduating sizes of buttons in alternating colors and glue them together with Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue (three separate button stacks shown here).

7. Adhere button stacks and decorative flower in place with foam adhesive squares. Your finished page is suitable for framing, or decorate both sides of the fast2fuse page (it’s fusible on both sides), and bind multiple pages together with jump rings or ribbon to make a chunky fabric scrapbook.


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